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230MSF 230V Mains Filter

  • Protects against EMI/RFI and nearby lightning via the 230VAC mains supply
  • Clamps induced mains spikes
  • Suppresses radio frequency interference
  • Protects equipment on a continuous basis
  • Will self sacrifice in the event of a direct lightning strike to protect connected equipment
  • Terminal connections provided: BROWN Live, BLUE Neutral and GREEN/YELLOW Earth
  • Dimensions 40 x 40 x 20mm (HxWxD) excluding cable
  • 3 Amp Max Load - Fused


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Prevents false alarms and system malfunctions caused by EMI/RFI signals and nearby lightning via the 230VAC mains supply. The ACT 230MSF protects against interference on a continuous basis, but in the event of a direct lightning strike, it will self sacrifice in order to protect the equipment.

Made in UK

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