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Multimeters & Accessories

ACT/6000 Alarm Engineers Autoranging Multimeter
Add to Cart ACT/6000 Alarm Engineers Autoranging Multimeter
Exceptionally tough and compact, this digital autoranging multimeter, exclusive to ACT, offers great functionality and ease of use for the alarm engineer
CA60 mA Current Clamp
Add to Cart CA60 mA Current Clamp
Essential for alarm installers, the ACT CA60 will register low mA current readings without the need for disconnecting circuit wires.
415B Premium Test Leads
Add to Cart 415B Premium Test Leads
Premium test leads made from silicone cable with 4mm right angle plugs and insulated, gold-plated test probes. CAT IV rated. Standard replacement lead set for ACT/6000 multimeter.
416 Quality Test Leads
Add to Cart 416 Quality Test Leads
Quality tests leads with shrouding that can be cut back to suit the meter socket recess if required. Includes fully insulated probes with attachable crock-clips.
418 Professional Test Leads
Add to Cart 418 Professional Test Leads
Professional test leads made of highly flexible silicone cable, with retractable 4mm plugs, fully insulated probes and attachable crock-clips.
212 Test Lead Kit
Add to Cart 212 Test Lead Kit
A specialist set, designed to simplify alarm circuit testing and fault finding with your multimeter
410 Small Carry Case
Add to Cart 410 Small Carry Case
Small, padded and suitable for protecting most types of small handheld multimeters, including the ACT/2000, ACT/208 and ACT/300.
430N Large Carry Case
Add to Cart 430N Large Carry Case
A hard wearing carry case with generous padding for extra protection suitable for many types of test equipment, including the ACT/3000, ACT/4000, ACT/5000, ACT/6000 and AVO300 multimeters.
ACT/6000IK PC Interface Kit
Add to Cart ACT/6000IK PC Interface Kit
ACT/6000IK PC Interface Kit for ACT/6000 Alarm Engineers Digital Multimeter
11A Fuse for ACT/6000
Add to Cart 11A Fuse for ACT/6000
The DMM-B-11A from Bussmann is a fast acting ferrule fuse. This fuse is designed for multimeters only. It has melamine tube construction with nickel plated brass end caps. Fits ACT/6000