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MegaPulse Battery Rejuvenator

MegaPulse can be used will all DC systems from 6V to 48V. Battery types include Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Calcium, Flooded, Gel Cell, Hybrid, Sealed (SLA), Spiral Cell and Valve Regulated (VRLA).

Simple Installation
MegaPulse promotes good ‘house keeping’ of your batteries. When a battery is not in use, MegaPulse should be connected at all times to help keep the battery healthy. Connect the cables onto the positive and negative battery terminals of a single battery or a battery bank.

Fully Automatic
No selections are necessary. MegaPulse automatically adjusts to the correct voltage system from 6V to 48V. Once connected, it will begin a commissioning sequence followed by the de-sulphation of the battery.

Tested Technology
MegaPulse uses a patented process that suppresses sulphation build-up on the battery plates, a common cause of lead acid battery failure. The manufacturers have had this product evaluated and approved by noted energy providers and car manufacturers.

Saving Money & The Environment
With ensuring peak battery performance, this means you save money on battery costs by maximising battery life. You’ll help protect the environment by not discarding batteries prematurely to landfill or for recycling.

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Gain maximum performance and service life from your lead acid batteries with MegaPulse – a battery maintenance system that helps prevent sulphation build-up and removes existing sulphate crystals to restore capacity. MegaPulse will help keep your battery in peak condition and prolong its life.





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