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Battery Testing

612 6V/12V Battery Tester
Add to Cart 612 6V/12V Battery Tester
Designed for 6V and 12V models of standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED lead acid batteries. Quick and easy to use, displaying DC Voltage and Ah capacity available in seconds. Made in UK
Add to Cart CHROME IBT
Ideal for those who need to simply test 12V standby lead acid batteries in various applications such as fire and security systems. Made in UK
BTL (Battery Tested Labels)
Add to Cart BTL (Battery Tested Labels)
Each roll contains 250 labels with insertions for Temperature, Volts, Ah Readings, User Initials and Date Tested.
3532 Terminal Connectors
Add to Cart 3532 Terminal Connectors
Purchase additional terminal connectors for your Intelligent Battery Tester. Required for batteries with recessed terminals.
430N Large Carry Case
Add to Cart 430N Large Carry Case
A hard wearing carry case with generous padding for extra protection – suitable for the ACT Gold Plus and ACT/612 Intelligent Battery Testers.
410 Small Carry Case
Add to Cart 410 Small Carry Case
Small, padded and suitable for protecting ACT RED, GOLD and CHROME Intelligent Battery Testers.