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CA60 mA Current Clamp

Measure without Disconnecting
When linked to a digital multimeter the ACT CA60 allows mA current readings to be taken without disconnecting the circuit wires

AC/DC Readings
Measures AC/DC current from 10mA to 60Amps

Connecting Multimeter
The CA60 works with any multimeter with 200mV or/and 2V ranges for direct readout input impedance of at least 1MΩ

Small, Narrow Jaws
With a small jaw size it can fit into tight spaces within the circuit panel or a wire bundle to take readings

Low Battery Indication
LED indicator lights up when clamp meter power is low

Future Reference
Recording such readings for future reference allows detector and cable faults caused by abnoraml currents to be identified easily

Alarm Inspectorate Requirements
Logging of accurate resistance, voltage AND current readings is an absolute requirement by alarm inspectorates in order to identify potential faults on the alarm system

Commissioning and Maintenance
The ACT CA60 is ideal for recording mA readings for commissioning and maintence inspections


£95.86 inc. VAT

List Price £88.75

Essential for alarm installers, the ACT CA60 will register low mA current readings without the need for disconnecting circuit wires. Used with your own multimeter it will measure milliamps as well as amps.

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