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Meets BS ISO9001 Standards
CALMASTER is a simple and cost effective solution, particularly for companies that have many multimeters in service which need calibrating regularly. It performs InHouse testing and verification of multimeter ranges to ensure they meet BS ISO9001:2008 requirements. Check accuracy at any time, quickly and easily.

Benchmark Multimeter
CALMASTER works in conjunction with one single calibrated multimeter - this is the only meter that should ever be sent away to be calibrated.

Compare Voltage, Resistance & Current
CALMASTER compares the accuracy between the meter under test and calibrated meter. It allows the engineer to test the various ranges for AC/DC Voltage, Resistance and DC Current. Each range reading can be compared against the calibrated meter and logged onto the Calibration Test Result Sheet provided.

Reading Outcomes ±5%
If readings from the meter under test are within ±5% of the calibrated meter, it is deemed accurate and can be passed. If however, the readings are out, the engineer can decide to either have the meter repaired professionally or replace it for a new model.

Simple Operation
CALMASTER has input sockets for the meter under test and calibrated meter and a single dial to select either voltage or resistance or current modes. To adjust readings, turn the controls which correspond to either voltage, resistance or current.

Cost Effective
CALMASTER checks multimeter accuracy and reduces the need of sending meters away unnecessarily for calibration. A useful bench tester, there to always ensure your meters are deemed accurate to standard.


£538.80 inc. VAT

Ensure your multimeters are always deemed accurate with CALMASTER. This useful bench tester checks that meter ranges are to calibration standard. It’s quick and easy to use - and reduces the number of meters sent away unnecessarily for calibration.




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